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At M7 Technology Solutions, we believe technology should improve the efficiency of your company. Our technicians provide installation, maintenance and support for all your technology needs. Whether it’s new or existing desktops, mobile devices, servers, networks or audio/video systems, M7 Technology Solutions can find a solution to fit your needs and budget.

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Is your computer sluggish? Is your computer aging? Why can’t I login to my computer? I told it to print. Why hasn’t it printed? Why does my computer lock up/freeze?

Mobile Device

Why is my calendar not syncing? The email on my computer and device are not in sync. Why not? Why can’t I connect? Why isn’t my password working? What do I need to do with my old device when I get a new one?


Do I need a server? If so, what kind of server do I need? Should I put my server in “the cloud”? How do I backup my server? Why does my server keep crashing? Can I use my server for email storage?


What type of network do I need? How much internet bandwidth do I need? Do I need a router or a firewall? How do I offer wireless internet access to guests without compromising security? How do I find a network that is not on the list of available networks?


What kind of phone do I need? How can I get my voicemail in my email? How can I get my fax in my email? What happens when our communications lines are down? How do we communicate during a disaster?


What do I need to connect my computer to an HDTV? Why are my presentations fuzzy or distorted? How do I know what video conferencing system to use? Why do I keep getting disconnected? Why can’t I hear other callers?


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