Several customers recently asked about a new message they see when updating Java. It looks like the one below.

I must admit I was greatly concerned the first time I saw this message. Like many people, I skimmed over it and only read “Important”..”Changes”..”Corporate users will be impacted as soon as January 2019”. Clicking the More information link brings even more confusion and made me believe the once free Java we’ve come to rely on for web browsing and some desktop applications is now going to cost money next year! Charging every company to use Java would cripple Java development. I just could not believe Oracle would do such a thing so I dug deeper.


The answer was right in front of my face! “These changes do not affect the version you are about to install.” You see, Java RE (aka Java Runtime Edition) is what most companies have installed on their computers. It is and will continue to be free. Java SE (aka Java Standard Edition) is how Java applications are created and deployed. If your company doesn’t have a Java programmer on staff or contracted, this warning does not apply to you.


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